Develop and integrate an in-furrow injection system to use at planting - Aussie Pineapples

Develop and integrate an in-furrow injection system to use at planting

Research topic 2: Ground Prep, Fallow Management, Bed Formation, Planting
Trial number: 02-WB-02

There are a number of farming systems that involve the injection of liquid into the furrow to provide operational efficiency, crop protection, soil improvement and yield improvement benefits. Precision in-furrow liquid injection has the potential to deliver products to improve soil conditions and optimise the establishment of healthy crops.

The effectiveness of nearly all in-furrow liquid applications is dependent on the precision and accuracy of the equipment being used. To ensure every plant gets the required amount of liquid, in-furrow liquids need to be delivered evenly across the blocks. Without accuracy plants may suffer from over or under application which can impact germination, plant growth and ultimately crop yields. These impacts may be more pronounced at very low application rates. It is critical to ensure the liquid injection systems are accurate to achieve the desired crop outcomes.


The primary objective is to develop, build and integrate a precision in-furrow injection system into the pineapple planting operation to improve plant establishment and uniformity.

  1. To develop, build and integrate a machine to apply precision in-furrow injection at planting.
  2. To improve root establishment in the critical first six months of growth.
  3. To improve plant establishment under drought conditions.