SA05WB-02: Management erosion and sedimentation


Research Site / Demonstration Number: SA05WB-02

Grower Collaborator: Littabella Pines

Location 2: South Littabella Road, Yandaran

Initiation Date: April 2019

OUTLINE: To evaluate the benefits of different erosion products and practices in field and out field to management surface and subsurface off farm deposition in low to moderate soil types and slopes.


  • To improve the methodologies of implementing better surface and sub-surface erosion practices.
  • To reduce off farm deposition over a range of erosible soil types.
  • To evaluate different anti-erosion products and their impact on mitigating soil erosion.
  • To identify additional advantages to maintaining soil in-field and positive effects on cost of production.


The research trial has been undertaken in co-operation with Littabella Pines – Yandaran Bundaberg.  The location of the trial site is South Littabella Road, Yandaran.  The trial site is new ground.

The soil was prepared to standard industry conditions with good soil tilth, no crop residue and good soil moisture with a soil pH of 4.3.

Trial location A – prior to contour draining

Trial location B – prior to contour draining

Trial location A

Trial location B


  • Treatment 1: Contour drains and in block ground cover in inter-row with bio-digestor strategically located in primary drains and silt traps.
  • Treatment 2: No contour drains and in block ground cover in inter-row
  • Treatment 3: Nil / standard practices: no ground cover


  • Soil erosion (t / ha) – edge of field: Post rainfall events – 0 to 42 months
  • Soil erosion (t / ha) – within contour drain: Post rainfall events – 0 to 42 months
  • Soil erosion (t / ha) – silt trap: Post rainfall events – 0 to 42 months
  • Cost analysis ($ / ha): 3 month


Current Progress: The site has been strategically identified, deep ripped, ploughed and rotary hoed.

Issues Encountered: This site is combined with SA01WB-02 as a complete program. Site has had a late start awaiting outcomes of DES findings for further research sites across industry for monitoring practices mitigating off farm deposition.

Other Notes: Site has been located due to strategic location which runs off into Littabella Creek and proximity to HEV areas (Great barrier Reef).