SA03WB-05 – Pre and post nutrition management


Research Site / Demonstration Number: SA03WB-05

Grower Collaborator: Amaryllys Farming

Location 5: Goomburrum Road, Goomburrum

Initiation Date: March 2019

OUTLINE: To develop and evaluate precision application equipment in post plant nutrition and pesticide management practices targeting improved fertiliser and pesticide efficiency.


  • To improve the methodology for better application of foliar fertilisers with focus on early growth stages.
  • To minimise fertiliser input per hectare in post planting and early crop growth stages.
  • To measure fertiliser wastage and off farm losses comparing precision application vs traditional application practices.
  • To compare cost effectiveness of precision application of foliar fertiliser vs traditional foliar fertiliser practices.


The research trial has been undertaken in co-operation with Amaryllys Farming – Goomburrum in Bundaberg.  The location of the trial site is Zahns Rd, Gooburrum.  The trial site has followed a previous crop of smooth cayenne which taken to ratoon.  The previous crop harvested Summer 2019 with major issues of nematode and symphylid.

The soil was prepared to standard industry conditions with good soil tilth, no crop residue and good soil moisture with a soil pH of 4.1.

Trial location Zahns Rd, Goomburrum


Treatment 1

Application of post plant fertiliser and pesticide in initial 2 – 9 months of growth using droppers on boomspray.

Treatment 2

Application of post plant fertiliser and pesticide in initial 2 – 9 months of growth using standard boomspray.

Boomspray to be modified with spray droppers


  • Spray output saving / unit area: 0 – 9 months
  • Time allocation saving / unit area: 0 – 9 months
  • Diesel output saving / unit area: 0 – 9 months
  • Cost analysis: 9 months


Current Progress: Grower has been identified, design completed, parts for boomspray modification is being acquired for construction.  The block has been identified, prepared and ready for planting.

Issues Encountered: Awaiting for the boomspray modifications to be completed.

Other Notes: $5,000 in funding has been secured to fund the boomspray modifications through the Growcom Hort 360 program.